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Please comment directly below that post. I review all blog comments and will comment back. This also allows another reader a chance to provide a comment to your question with their unique insights or experiences.

Can I hire you for one-on-one consultation?

My schedule fills up quickly, but I am available for a few one-on-one coaching clients for creating your business book and for marketing (both marketing your book and your business in general). Inquire below and I will send you a form to fill out if I have room in my schedule. 

I am interested in learning more about pricing for your book projects. Where can I find that?

Please contact us below with your request, and we will send out all the details and pricing for both our Solo Author Book Projects and our Anthology Book Projects.

Do you provide a la carte publishing services? I just need one service from your publishing packages.

Glad you asked, we certainly do! Request a service below and I will send you a list of our a la carte Publishing Services, including pricing. 

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